Free School Security and Access Control Review

Pembury Fencing Ltd. is pleased to offer Schools a free review of their current fencing and perimeter security arrangements, including school access controls.  Increased security requirements and/or general wear and tear can often render existing perimeter security arrangements inadequate. 

Damage to fencing can go unnoticed unless properly inspected, but we appreciate that busy schools may not have the time or in house expertise to properly evaluate existing arrangements.  Changed internal situations (temporary classrooms etc) can affect pupil flow within areas of the school which may compromise existing access controls - we can highlight issues like this and suggest solutions that will provide peace of mind to staff, pupils and those responsible for school security.

As part of this offer, our security review will generate a report which will demonstrate that necessary due diligence has been given to pupil and staff safety.  We will highlight where current best practice in similar sites and new high security fencing products could lead to cost effective and beneficial security improvements.

To get further information or arrange a meeting to discuss our free no obligation perimeter fencing security review, please contact us on the following numbers or email addresses or use our contact form here:

Office ~ 01234 378179
Mobile ~ 07957 837388

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Pembury Fencing Ltd is a leading award winning contractor within the Fencing Industry and has more than 50 years’ experience with all types of fencing. With over 25 years’ experience working with schools as a contractor, we have an in-depth knowledge of all the products currently available in our industry and can provide information on successful projects we have carried out, matching solutions to budgets and different School environments.

Pembury Fencing Ltd. have achieved the following accreditations for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety;

ISO 9001:2008,

ISO 1401: 2004,

ISO 18001: 2007,

Examples of projects we have worked on can be found by clicking this link.