High Security Fencing

High Security Fencing is now required as standard.

Standard Steel Palisade fencing does not fall into this category - but attaching an Electrical Fence system to existing Steel Palisade Fencing will raise it into the High Security Fencing bracket.

Systems can be designed to interface with CCTV systems and other detection/monitoring systems.

The system we prefer is “Secure by Design”, the Police preferred specification that achieves S.E.A.P. class 4 “Highest Security Fencing Specification".

This product is now widely used by: 

  • Power Generating Companies.
  • Oil Refineries.
  • Petrochemical Plants.
  • Pharmaceutical /Drug manufacturers.
  • Vehicle/Car Storage Depots.

 All products come with a full 24 month Guarantee.

For more detailed information see our Newsletter Post on "Choosing the Right High Security Fencing Product For Your Project"

High Security Flat Panel System to LPS 1175 Cat 2 Specification Complete with Razor Wire for Added Security enhanced vertical bar off-set double swing gate with extensions for Razor wire